We couldn’t do what we do without you

Like you, we believe that everyone in Canada deserves access to top-quality medical care.

Northern realities mean Nunavut residents must travel thousands of kilometers for treatments which some Southerners take for granted.

We are motivated to make a difference and to make their travel as stress-free and efficient as it can be – for everyone’s sake.

For more than 20 years, OHSNI has partnered Northern patients and Southern practitioners like you for better care.


Connected more than


patients to the care they needed

Facilitated more than


appointments in the South

Held more than


specialty clinics in the North

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What to expect


OHSNI sends you a referral case



Call OHSNI to schedule an appointment (with a minimum of 48 hours' notice).


The patient travels to Ottawa

The patient travels to Ottawa for their appointment. (Note: The patient may be accompanied by an escort and/or an OHSNI interpreter.)


Send all post-appointment referrals

Send all post-appointment referrals, follow-up appointments, and any updates to the medical file (including copies of prescriptions) to OHSNI


Report the patient

Complete an out-patient clinic report the patient and fax a copy to OHSNI.

Our guarantee to you

We work toward better care and better lives for Northerners.

To get there, we are committed to:

  • Working with you and your colleagues to make life easier for everyone
  • Linking you, the patient, and practitioners in the North effectively and efficiently
  • Respecting your time and the patient’s
  • Bringing to bear our vast experience in the North and partnering for better outcomes

What could take you or your office 25 steps might take an OHSNI staff member mere minutes. Let’s keep the conversations open and keep the patient at the centre of everything we do.

Need anything? Let us know!

If you (or your escort) need anything before coming to Ottawa or during your time here, let us know.

GET IN TOUCH Or call us at: 613-523-7822 Ext 151 Someone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cultural competency is everyone's business

The people of Nunavut’s Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin) region have a rich culture and unique history. There is an ‘Inuit way’ of doing things and there are Northern realities, including weather, that should be kept in mind.

An Inuk patient’s perception of, and access to, health care is going to be very different than a Southerner’s. You may notice acute differences in stages of development, lifestyles, language, spirituality, and culture.

These factors demand a particular sensitivity to a patient and their family.

Our partners at CHEO have developed four cultural competency modules. These have been endorsed by the Nunavut government. You can explore them at your convenience:

Specialty clinics

OHSNI organizes more than 50 specialty clinics a year. These are great opportunities for Southern specialists to travel North to see the realities of health care provision in the territory first-hand.

These clinics are based out of Baffin’s only hospital, in Iqaluit.

“OHSNI’s specialty clinics in the North are real value-adds in that they provide care closer to home and closer to a patient’s support network. They limit emotional upheaval, reduce stress and turmoil, bridge cultural divides, and stretch finite health care budgets. They’re a win-win for patients and practitioners.”

-Lori Steeves, Specialty Clinic Coordinator

Here’s what patients and their families say about OHSNI