Escorts of Ottawa patients provide an essential service that extends the comprehensiveness of patient care.

Nunavut‘s Travel Policy states that:

A: Client Escort is required because:

  1. there is a need for legal consent by a Guardian
  2. the Client has a mental or physical condition of a nature that he or she is not able to travel unassisted
  3. the Client is a unilingual Inuit language speaking Client and interpreter services are not available at the Approved Centre
  4. the Escort will participate in the Client’s treatment program and receive instructions on specific and essential home medical/nursing procedures that cannot be given to the Client only

Note: Client Escorts are not allowed to bring an Infant. Client Escorts may request to be switched after four weeks of continuous travel.

All decisions regarding escort travel approval are made in the north. OHSNI’s role is simply to provide the north with appropriate medical information about the patient requesting an escort.

When a patient in Ottawa requests an escort, the appropriate escort request form is completed and OHSNI adds the medical component and sends the request north for the decision to be made.

The potential escort signs a Client and Escort Agreement that spells out his or her responsibilities in Ottawa. If an escort is unable to fulfil the escort role as agreed to OHSNI’s may inform the north of this.