OHSNI receives faxed requests for Nunavut patients to see a medical specialist or have a test done in Ottawa.

OHSNI can receive this paperwork from:

-          Family doctors in Iqaluit

-          Medial specialist who travel north to see patients

-          Medical specialists who see patients in Ottawa and require a follow up visit


OHSNI's Medical Referrals Coordinator checks that all forms needed by the clinic are with the referral, i.e. lab reports, MRI questionnaires, past medical records.

-          Since many offices will not book appointments without all the needed paperwork, OHSNI will ask the staff in the north to send missing reports.


OHSNI's Medical Referrals Coordinator contacts either the specialist's office or hospital clinic by phone and faxes them the required paperwork

-          OHSNI must wait to be contacted by the doctor's office or clinic with the appointment date, time, place and any special instructions.

-          If we do not hear from the clinic in a timely fashion, the Medical Referrals Coordinator follows up to find out if there any problems or a wait list.

-          Once the appointment has been booked, OHSNI faxes the information to the Qikiqtani General Hospital referral office and the patient's local Health Centre.

-          Any changes in Ottawa appointments are faxed to the Qikiqtani General Hospital referral office and the patient's local Health Centre as soon as received by OHSNI staff.

-          Should you need to change the date of your appointment contact the Qikiqtani General Hospital referral office or your Health Centre as soon as possible. Ask them to inform OHSNI on your behalf. OHSNI will inform your specialist and the hospital.


Some surgeries may have long wait lists- you will be contacted as soon as we receive notification.