Note: Medical professionals cannot work in Nunavut unless they have been properly licensed to do so. It is your professional responsibility to ensure your credentials are in good standing.

1. For Specialist Clinic - Physicians and Dental Surgeons

  • There is an initial registration process. OHSNI will send you the complete package and will pay for any costs incurred and the licensing fee. There are many different components to be completed and this is a time consuming process. Your completed application package should be brought to the OHSNI offices no later than 6 weeks prior to your scheduled clinic. This is to ensure there is enough time allowed for your application to be reviewed by the Registration Committee in Nunavut.
  • After the Registration Committee has accepted your paperwork, the official certificate will be mailed directly to you. OHSNI will get a faxed copy
  • Your license is valid from April 1 to March 31. In January or February, OHSNI will send you the renewal forms to complete and sign. Please return the paperwork to OHSNI and we will attach a cheque to cover the renewal fee.


2. For Medical Residents working at a specialist clinic

  • Residents practice under the direct supervision of the medical specialist that accompanies them north.
  • They need to apply for an Education Permit. This includes an application form with a passport photograph, a copy of the first page of their passport or birth certificate, a letter from the university and a letter from the physician who will supervise their education while in Nunavut.
  • OHSNI requires this paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to travelling north due to mail delays.
  • The Registrar reviews the application and an ERP (Education Register) certificate will be mailed directly to the resident. OHSNI will get a faxed copy and will fax a copy to Qikiqtani Regional Hospital.


3. For Registered Nurses working at a specialist’s clinic

  • Registration is supervised by The Registered Nurses Association of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut
  • Please contact OHSNI as this process can take considerable time.
  • RN registration


4. For Registered Practical Nurses working at a specialist’s clinic

  • Registration is supervised by the Nunavut Registrar
  • OHSNI will facilitate the process.


5. For all other Medical staff and technicians working at a specialist clinic

  • OHSNI needs a copy of your current educational certificates/ credentials [ie: ARDMA ultra sound certificate, College of Respiratory Therapist of Ontario certificate ]
  • Please contact OHSNI to discuss what paperwork should be submitted

For legal and insurance reasons OHSNI sends the Baffin Regional Hospital staff a faxed copy of each professional license, education permits or credentials. The Specialist Clinic Supervisor needs this information before any individual professional can perform any direct patient care.

Note: It is each professional’s personal responsibility to confirm that they are insured to work in Nunavut.