Specialty clinics are one week in length. You will travel to Iqaluit on Monday morning and return on Friday afternoon.

Every authorized member of the team has their hotel and air fare (between Ottawa and Iqaluit) paid for by the Government of Nunavut. They also will receive a reimbursement cheque for expenses such as meals, taxis and incidentals. Approximately 6-8 weeks in advance, OHSNI requests from the north flight and hotel reservations. It is important that we have your full legal name for the airline booking.

The medical specialists are paid a daily per diem. Each professional signs a service contract with OHSNI detailing the payment system.

Often a medical resident accompanies the team. They are being given a unique learning experience and do not receive extra professional fees however, they are provided food allowance and incidentals.

Nurses and technicians should contact OHSNI for details related to their pay.