OHSNI case managers make every effort to repatriate very ill patients back to Nunavut while they are well enough to travel. However the following is the protocol if a patient dies in Ottawa:

  1. Contact the OHSNI case manager immediately upon the death of a patient who is under the OHSNI program.

  2. Reassure the patient’s family that OHSNI will make all arrangements and that the case manager will contact them.

  3. If the family has any special requests for example, special clothing, this will be accommodated.

  4. The OHSNI case manager will contact the patient’s community and Iqaluit.

  5. The OHSNI case manager makes the arrangements with the funeral home to pick up the patient’s body from the hospital morgue and repatriate the patient’s body back to his or her community. This is funded by Nunavut.

  6. The OHSNI case manager will obtain the Funeral Director’s Certificate of Death for the family. This can be used by the family to approach a Nunavut organization (NTI) to obtain funding for flights for two family members to attend the funeral.

  7. Escort will be cleared to return to Nunavut immediately or when the patient’s body is repatriated as they wish.