1. Please inform the OHSHI case manager if a patient transfer to the Qikiqtani General Hospital (QGH) is desired.

  2. The Ottawa doctor should then call up to the QGH and speak to the hospitalist on call. The doctor to doctor conversation will decide if the patient is accepted in transfer to the QGH and whether a scheduled flight or medivac is required. (A medivac requires the approval of the QGH Executive Director.)

  3. If the patient is accepted in transfer, the OHSNI case manager will request the nursing care plan, the MARS, any medical or rehab referrals and any other pertinent medical information for the patient and send it to the Iqaluit Admission/Discharge Planner. The Admission/Discharge Planner and the Inpatient Care Nurse Manager at QGH will review that patients care needs (i.e. assess the medications and the nursing care requirements) to ensure the patient can be safely and appropriately cared for at QGH.

  4. The Admission/Discharge Planner will let OHSNI know when a patient bed might be available. This may take a number of days.

  5. At this point the process for arranging a medivac will begin.

  6. The OHSNI case manager will keep the Ottawa hospital abreast of the potential transfer date.

  7. The patient’s chart should be photocopied and placed in an envelope.

  8. If the patient is to be medivaced, the floor should have the patient prepared to leave at a short notice. Often the patient will be transferred on the return trip of a medivac coming to Ottawa. This could happen day or night.

  9. If the patient is to fly to Iqaluit on a scheduled flight, the OHSNI case manager will facilitate the flight plans and inform the floor.

  10. Nursing staff should be prepared to give the medivac staff report on the patient and possibly any medication required on flight.